they're not arresting yet but a lot of even liberal protesters are pushing back

police brutality 

these appeals to the police to just play nice are just.... so fucking naive

the Trafalgar camp is being torn appart. gonna guess by tonight all the camps will be gone

the current plan is to rebuild the camp and reconsolidate resources and manpower

the police have only taken the road itself so far, the square holds and people are moving tents further back towards the national gallery

idk how long they'll hold Nelson's column, feels like this is the attack to take it all

they're still trying to fucking argue with the bastards in blue

the big tents that house a band, the science tent and the intro tent are all still up

some guy is confronting a cop and I think he's about to be arrested. cops aren't you're friends, you can't reason with them, they're the mindless foot soldiers of the state, they're drilled to have no brain and no concience

the raid seems over, I think they just wanted the road.... for now

anti cop solidarity is high, heard and shouted a few "all cops are bastards"

aaaa I just want a megaphone right now to scream about the cops at these liberals

this is all so much more than it was at the last rebellion week, shit is bigger and the fights are harder. nobody is applauding the police today

morale remains surprisingly high as they march down towards Parliament street drumming and chanting

although many tents are gone, a lot still stand and no roads are open to traffic despite all police efforts

fucking bastards, I spent ages helping put those up on monday

at least the science bois are still here. love those guys

I don't even know what camps are left. Westminster Abbey seemed ok, but that was 4 hours ago, 2 hours ago saint james park seemed about to fall so I moved, home office camp was due to march out at lunch time to idk where but I haven't seen them? maybe they haven't left yet? Trafalgar camp is damaged but stands for the mean time

all I can hopw is these raids amount to some radicalisation. libs used to applause the cops, then they'd just chat to the blue vests, now they're getting mad. they can see the voilence the state intends to employ to stamp XR out, and that everybody who reasons with the police gets nowhere. people haven't given up, I can only hope this leads to a harder fight in the coming days. the rebellion isn't due to end, *eye roll* I know..., until the 19th and I think they intend to be here in some capacity every day

police have all the tents here, people are trying to ask nicely for them back -_-

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