why the fuck are themes now called 'flavours'
im not eating this shit you stupid fucking tech nerds what the fuck is wrong with you

@skelltan flavour is more of an overarching look and feel thing while themes change things in more purely visual ways

@skelltan i don't remember off the top of my head except that in glitch flavour columns change their width to fit better into the available screen space

@monorail why cant i just press an underline button and instead have to know nerd talk to do that stuff

@skelltan because no one's implemented that yet, it's a pain in the ass to do

especially since it's not a mainline feature, Eugen doesn't like it, so it's purely maintained by people who work on the hacked up fork you're using in their free time

@skelltan yeah that was pretty much when i gave up on getting anything good in mainline mastodon

someone else even coded something to let mainline see rich formatting, not even post it, and he whined about it for weeks before finally closing it

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