after some thought ive decided what britain and ireland would ideally look like. cornwall and wales are too small so i gave them slightly more of england

@mzero_reloaded well your map is great except that france is there so that sucks

@mzero_reloaded make London independent and have every country be part of the EU, except England and Wales

@mzero_reloaded I like how England gets a channel and North England gets a whole sea. </joke>

@mzero_reloaded North England? Nah, that bit should all be part of Scotland.

@InvaderXan @mzero_reloaded Berwick is the only place that scottish irredentism claims afaik, let the northern english have their kendal mint cake

@mzero_reloaded Some sort of federated status for Ulster being both Scottish and Irish would also be fine...

@mzero_reloaded I know you said no serious replies, but the colonisation and integration of Devon and much of he south west was done to break Dumnonia (Cornwall) off from their Welsh allies in the 6th and 7th century and one of the most pivotal battles to hold of the expansion of the West Saxons was over that land and that vital land connection

@CornishRepublicanArmy its fine this one is actually really interesting rather than annoying

@mzero_reloaded yeah the sink britain and 74 county irish socialist republic that's all of the UK bit is just overdone imo

@CornishRepublicanArmy those don't really bother me but its mildly interesting to me how irish nationalist memes use the irish nationalist who is maybe the most hated by actual irish republicans

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