which colour/colours correspond with how you feel about me lowkey?

πŸ’š your serpent tongue and wit scare me, queen

❀️ pls lemme smash, queen

πŸ’™ i followed you cos ur hot and funny and uh oh still are, queen

πŸ–€ i silently simp for you on the daily, queen

πŸ’œ i want to talk to you more/ start talking to you, but you intimidate me, queen

πŸ’› hey do you actually have an only fans or is it all jokes, aha ha, just askin, queen

:heartpink: queen can i send you like Β£100, queen please

Β· Β· 5 Β· 9 Β· 11

@mcdonaldsofficial 🧑 who are you, get out of my home, i'm calling the police

@mcdonaldsofficial I posted a orange heart, not a yellow one

good luck with the onlyfans tho, they rejected my gf >:(

@luna thanks! Thought they wont reject me, im too powerful

@mcdonaldsofficial tbf tho I always use green hearts with everyone, just now I know what that means 😘

@andi i've been using green for a while too! it's a good colour for a heart to be πŸ’šπŸ‰

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