remember when u were a kid and had to take afternoon naps and you were like "no" and now you're an adult and everything is bad and you're like "oh god please"

@luna that's all I think about all day every day

@luna i swear someone mixed something up somewhere when they created our reality, but now everyones just running with it

@kurisu ye

in kindergarten and such you had to sleep after lunch

@kurisu @luna a lot of parents in the US and also day care facilities used to force a napping period so they could get shit done without the kids getting in the way
@kaniini @luna isnt the whole point of daycare to have people who's job is to take care of the kids... wtf
@kurisu @luna

you would think but there are benefits for encouraging kids to wind down every so often.

however if it were me, I would teach them mindfulness instead of a pointless nap that a hyperactive kid would consider unpleasant
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