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Look at my manicure (and tits)! 

yes i can domme... *removes ur kidney n sells it on the black market*

gratuitous violence 

bro ur telling me u cum and piss from the same hole? bro thats kinda gross :/

actually a real thing that happened today was my brother had invited a friend to our house to have lunch with him. his friend arrived slightly early, i was like my bro is in his room. the friend goes up to his room, then comes back downstairs, alone, and says "i knocked on your brother's room and he said since i arrived ten minutes early i have to wait for ten minutes"

garf has been in top form recently god damn its classic after classic

being on the fediverse has given me the most powerful ass reflexes of the brain. after a year of training as soon as i glimpse the words "linux", "arch", "debian" my brain shuts off, killing me instantly

I forgot how AMAZING the opening to baby driver is. The music, stunts, camera work, and it's all done with no dialogue. God Edgar Wright knows how to make cool films

hey liberal! take that dick out of your mouth and put it in my ass! 😎

being into scat is one of the few ways that sex actually becomes easier as you get older

nice sneer of cold command bro.... jk thats a rubbish sneer, u fuckin nerd

i feel like i talk about being a lesbian too much, the only way for me to fix this is for me to talk about being a lesbian more

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