i really think im funny dont i huh punk

lots of people ask me, "hey martin, what is your favourite episode of doc martin, your famous british television show starring you as the lead role?"
i simply tell them that there is no way i could rank the episodes because they all mean so much to me, since i poured so much of myself into them!

guys i have an announcement... im actually british actor martin clunes... laurie was just a fun on-line persona i took on but i feel like i have been hiding myself for too long, this is me, martin clunes (ec in images)

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just a reminder that eugen stole the idea for mastodon from me and should be blocked. I have the completely real and undoctored receipts right now that you can plainly tell are from the year 2016 and not 5 minutes ago

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i take off my trenchcoat and reveal that i am actually hundreds of twink contortionists all twisted and tangled up

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guys i've solved politics by doing a discourse u guys look!

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@garfiald @laurie Listen, get down from your ivory tower of clout and you'll see the real posts come from us, the postlateriat.

decided to write my essay about garfield: a tail of two kitties and how it challenges the divine right of kings

hi hello my partner is great ! thanks for listening

mobile games no ads memberships 3 day 3 trial then 12k a week

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