hey y'all. life is really stressful, and just, extremely fucked for reasons i don't wanna get into publicly
im gonna leave here for the time being, you can still contact me on discord or snapcat
discord: laurie#6969
snapchat: laurielmao
see ya x

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so fuckin tired but not enough to sleep ugh

@grufwub left communism is evil. fascism is class struggle.

or not a gf idk i just want someone to cuddle

im love girls where are the girls the gay girls, to kiss laurie , ??

ugh i sold my pc cos i was really low on cash and now i really wanna play video games but i cant ugh fuck

you wouldnt like me when im angry. I get really petty and loud and annoying

im so tired agh
and most of my friends are at the isle of wight festival so i have nobody to go out with or anything >:(

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