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Oh man I remember being in an office this is wild

Well today was a kick in the teeth that I didn't deserve. Fucking it all off and trying again tomorrow I guess.

Work seems so wildly surreal after being away. I feel like I’m being sucked towards caring too much about the same old things whilst also feeling oddly detached because time away made me remember that these are wholly synthetic problems and I don’t actually have to solve them to my standards, I have to do the most reasonable thing given the constraints.

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Ah yes I remember this… you do a bunch of life admin tasks and meet up with some friends for a bit and suddenly it’s Monday again. I miss travelling.

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Sometimes I think filesystems were a mistake. Document centric systems like Lisa and the canon cat have interesting qualities but I have crazy probably nonworkable ideas about the intersection of object tranclusion, hyperlinks, cryptography and view abstraction I should probably write down at some point.

We need some revision of the cyberpunk genre. It’s supposed to be a prescient extrapolation on society and technology today, but today NOTHING EVER FUCKING WORKS.

Give it a few years and I’ll be yelling JFC JUST GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT SHINJI.

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Oh yeah nice that’s the page where I invented the term “Tipherethic Inversion”

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In March 2021 I started writing in notebooks with magical and computational reference material, diagrams, notes on books I was reading and just my thoughts. I’m now on to number 4 and accelerating. They’re probably my most prized possessions, mostly because looking back at the index pages remind me of how much daft bullshit I’m full of.

I love daft bullshit, so these remind me to love myself.

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What these? Oh all these objects just fell this way. Oh no… no it just LOOKS like a crass attempt to make a statement about personal identity with an array of objects. It’s genuinely just random.

#9 #9front #propoganda

Hello everyone, I have fully migrated to Thank you for the good times <3

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Hello, I’m Grimmware and I like to read books on magic and occultism and then translate those systems into code for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I try to apply a rationalist credulity to magical and archetype systems, and I’m a big fan of using divination systems as a psychological prompt for learning and growing. I like operating systems, retro computers and digital electronics.

In my work life, I do defensive systems security and visibility.


I can now reveal (after getting on this instance) that my actual reason for choosing the instance is entirely that @goat is the admin and I think we crawled out from under rocks that, whilst not necessarily adjacent in location, were certainly aligned similarly along leylines or at least dipped in the same species of animal blood on the solstice.

And that's just how I make decisions now apparently.

@goat I think you are cool.

Okay so I'm trying to do a complete profile move right now but it's not really playing ball - normal service will be resumed once I can figure out what the fuck is going on :P

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