Just saw Yayoi Kusama's infinity mirrors at the Tate Modern. I'd seen one of her infinity mirror installations before, but it was presented without any context on the artist herself so whilst it was pretty, it was no big deal to me.

This time, in the context of her hallucinations and experience of self-obliteration through being subsumed into patterns, it took on a whole different meaning and I was able to (for all of 2 minutes a pop) actually throw myself into the experience.

I probably got more disassociation than ego death due to being over-tired and occasionally spotting a figure in the reflections and going "is that me?", but I think that's a pretty fantastic result.

Looking forward to reading more about her and watching some documentaries - I think the experience of trying to manifest your own internal experience of self-obliteration for others is a wonderful inversion of the concept of the more private experience of self-obliteration and monism from (what I understand of) e.g. Buddhism.

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