I’m trying not to be a total misanthropic hermit but y’all insist on watching reels without headphones on public fucking transport and it drains every ounce of patience and kindness from me.

@grimmware could it be that all those swathes of kindness are being transmitted over to these poor folks who use this abhorrent tactic as a means to ask for help? :E

@polezaivsani I'm inclined to believe they're just selfish assholes personally but to each their own

@grimmware that's my natural first reaction as well, just like the last weekend i've been on the brink of bursting swearing at a senior lady who thought it to be a good idea to ride a tram with some crap tune blasting out of her phone's loudspeakers. The first reply was me curiously pondering the similar situation happening to someone else, having calmed down and maybe fooling around a bit :)

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