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In March 2021 I started writing in notebooks with magical and computational reference material, diagrams, notes on books I was reading and just my thoughts. I’m now on to number 4 and accelerating. They’re probably my most prized possessions, mostly because looking back at the index pages remind me of how much daft bullshit I’m full of.

I love daft bullshit, so these remind me to love myself.

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#Troll move: adding '&reboot' to your URLs to punish #CLI users who don't properly quote their URLs.

Just saw Yayoi Kusama's infinity mirrors at the Tate Modern. I'd seen one of her infinity mirror installations before, but it was presented without any context on the artist herself so whilst it was pretty, it was no big deal to me.

This time, in the context of her hallucinations and experience of self-obliteration through being subsumed into patterns, it took on a whole different meaning and I was able to (for all of 2 minutes a pop) actually throw myself into the experience.

I probably got more disassociation than ego death due to being over-tired and occasionally spotting a figure in the reflections and going "is that me?", but I think that's a pretty fantastic result.

Looking forward to reading more about her and watching some documentaries - I think the experience of trying to manifest your own internal experience of self-obliteration for others is a wonderful inversion of the concept of the more private experience of self-obliteration and monism from (what I understand of) e.g. Buddhism.

I’m trying not to be a total misanthropic hermit but y’all insist on watching reels without headphones on public fucking transport and it drains every ounce of patience and kindness from me.

I feel like my life is constantly unpicking beliefs about myself that I built up slowly by mistake without realising.

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Over the past week I’ve lifted everything that was in the GrimmLoft (my work space, but also our storage space) down into the spare room and back up again to have the space insulated. Today I finished getting everything set up again, and it’s much tidier and more spacious because I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of shit and stored some things better - things which I told myself I’d get round to “real soon now” for about 4 years.

It’s been kinda emotional and cathartic. It’s all part of forgiving myself for not being able to do everything at once, and to value my life and works as a process rather than an end goal. I’m very excited to use the space this week.

Image generation AIs trained entirely on content that can't be acquired legally without DRM.

I'm pretty sure I read a take very similar to this somewhere else, but if you train an AI exclusively on Disney-owned content and then started putting out images and movies based on it, would we get some decisive legal opinion eventually on whether it constitutes a breach of copyright?

So in the end I iteratively went through and added all the data directives and used them all in the final program :)

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The "6 loops" stuff is because I wanted to test the functionality I'd already implemented in the assembler to print some stuff out but I'd not implemented any of the raw data directives (`.FILL`, `.BLKW` and `.STRINGZ`) yet, and the immediate mode for `ADD` only takes a maximum 5-bit signed integer meaning the maximum hex value I could increment by was 0xf, and `h` is 0x68.

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.ORIG x3000
ADD R2,R2,x6 ; we need 6 loops to get to 'h'
NOT R2,R2 ; we want to be able to subtract this number so we'll 2's complements it
ADD R2,R2,x1
ADD R1,R1,x1
ADD R3,R1,R2 ; compare if we're at 6 loops yet
ADD R0,R0,xe
E .FILL x65
L .FILL x6c
O .FILL x6f
.BLKW x5
WRLD .STRINGZ x20776f726c64210a

For those who care

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I've still got a few things to implement in both the VM and the assembler before it's actually feature complete and then I've got a few things I want to add for shits and giggles but I'm pretty happy about that!

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cpu% lc3/lc3 -f out.hex
hello world!
Program complete, exiting

My partner just walked in and I turned Discipline off fwiw

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You can tell when a Throbbing Gristle fan has any empathy at all - they turn their music off when someone else walks in the room.

Dear Mozilla:

Fucking stop it. Sponsored shortcuts on my home screen? Seriously? For fucking Amazon?

Good grief.

Just packing this away and still musing on when to use it. Essentially I got an ad for this and made a (ha ha only serious) joke that it would be great to use as part of a hex. My partner then bought it for me. My attitude towards doing rituals or magic practice is that, if you actually have no agency over the situation, only do them when there’s a strong chance the outcome you’re after is going to happen regardless.

Needless to say the hex I’ve been missing involves a hammer so the whole thing with the top secret documents suggests timing might become opportune.

I'm in the process of disassembling the GrimmLoft (where the magic happens) because it's getting reinsulated this coming week.

I'm excited about what this means in terms of purging old things and reassembling with slightly more intent.

I really chose a bad time to get sick though :/

I've just reassembled the Tandy's case from the last time I took it apart and it is a continuing tragedy that my screw filing system ("throw them all in the closest cup or plastic tub" still hasn't fucked me because I'll keep doing it and at some point in the future it will *really* fuck me.

"I'll just reuse the `shadow` package's subuid and subgid functions to write a short C program that should backfill for older users, it'll take no time and a few lines"

*some hours and 95 lines of error checking on needlessly wrapped lockfile management later because of silently ignoring the db file due to lack of locks and internally managed state later*

The original sin of Plan 9 C was making me expect any better from Unix.

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