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Broke: Netflix adding trans people to cartoons is ruining them
Woke: Adding trans characters helps people understand trans people and that we exist
Bespoke: Netflix still hosts transphobic content on their platform and this is just a cheap game to play both sides

Conspiracy theory 

Hmmm kinda pissed off about how many folks are talking about taking pictures at defcon. You shouldn't take pictures of anyone without their consent, especially at a hacker con. Don't be that guy live streaming everything.

Anyone got a good book on QAnon? Might fuck around and become a conspiracy theorist

Muttering to myself as I force villagers to breed in underground cages: This way was better, their finally safe now. Even if they hate me for it. They'll learn. Order above Chaos.

God I'm so glad mastodon is so small no 3 letter agency will see these then van me.

Anyone here play Destiny 2? Me and a few friends are playing it again

Anyone wanna see timecube for hackers?

This guy just gave a talk at BlackHat...

Like a minecraft villager, I also get horny and fuck after eating bread

Might buy and fill it with fake papers and shit

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