10 boosts feels better than 1000 retweets and I can't explain whh

I was killed by twitter jack before I could finish this toot

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@goat because it says "bella ciao" when someone does it to you

@goat on here you know the people who boost things, even if you don't follow them you recognise them. and it makes it so much better, a more real human interaction, than just a sea of avis and names you don't know at all

@a_lizard unless it's a req boost, as nothing feels better than a req boost. we stan an italian king who boosts every toot under the sun

@a_lizard god no, Eugen boosts are a curse on a post ESPECIALLY if it's a serious one. you will get so many reply guys, weird boomers, tech bros. I've deleted toots after Eugen boosted them

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