Snail Race

Web 13 58 24

@goat ill be always rooting for the last snail. if youre voting anyone else then DNI

@oat @goat i regret voting for #4
i literally bet all that i own on them

@pre Polls with the same options don't render right on other isntances I don't think.

@goat @pre looks right on here, just that the first snail has 91 out of 102 votes

@goat yeah i modded my instance to accept multiple poll options that are the same and it broke in exactly the same way as this

@goat What? Nearly everyone voted for #1? I call this vote manipulation! 馃槅

@maltimore @goat Well, like, apparently!

Ah, I鈥榲e got another idea: The voters were influenced and confused by anonymous powers of different instances.

@goat i have questions about the league divisions in this sport

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