Me: Hmm I need a new password
*opens dm's, picks out a trans bottom*
Me: Hey You're cute!
Them: lkFAJSLDGLKASfa;kdlfa2efpd

@goat this is yet another job that will be stolen by machines

@goat i've never been more attacked in my life oh my god

@loki @goat could you express that in a keymash please I need to reset my facebook password


Rating bottoms by how many bits of entropy their keysmashes have

@cuttlefish @goat ... huh. is keysmashing higher-entropy if you're typing in, say, a Han-character derived writing system?

context for those with no experience with this: one such system is pinyin input for (Mandarin, at least,) Chinese, which uses the special Latin alphabet set involved in the pinyin system of phonetic transcription to search for characters; you type without tones, generally, and pick the Han character/hanzi you mean from a list.

@byttyrs @cuttlefish @goat han is automatically higher 'entropy' in the sense that it requires more bits to represent a random string of Han script of visual size similar to a Latin string

@goat I'd do this to @nik but then all my passwords would be 'sksksksks'
@amy @goat shush shush shush shush shush shush shush

@goat God tier: write a kernel module that automatically does this for /dev/urandom

@goat gonna start using pwgen to produce my keysmashes to ensure they're cryptographically secure

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