Anyways, This is one of the best "hacker" documentaries I've ever seen and really captures what the CCC is about. It's an excellent film. Watch it

Wait can other people even see this :think_marx:

Hey @Gargron how come dot social won't federate my toot seems rude to censor my content like this?

@wintgenstein The entirety of the documentary All Creatures Welcome. All Creatures Welcome discusses hacker culture inside the Chaos Computer Club as well as meeting people who help run other events with them like Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp

@goat If I click it it links to hellsite where I can watch the full thing

@goat i clicked on it and it opened it in a new tab at a respectable size for a movie

@grufwub does it federate? Is it on your instance or does it link to hellsite

@goat it links to hellsite i'm pretty sure. lemme try again

@goat yeah hellsite. media attachments might have a size cap for federation

@grufwub Yeah at least it links to the original.

@sozialwelten Yeah only if you click it. It will federate the post but not the content so it links back to my site.

@Gargron Its good content! You should change the config so hellsite can send social infinte size files :)

@goat @Gargron It still shows up, just as remote content. You just gotta keep hosting it .. for FOREVER!

@micrackbiron @Gargron Yup! This is clearly Censorship by an Instance Admin Abusing Their Power! It's just like what the immortal Micheal Siddon predicted!

@pettancow @Gargron me and eugen? We're great friends right eugen?




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