Pee Pee VS Poo Poo

@goat My God, you actually did it...a 100 year poll! You'll be dead before this ends, most likely.

@goat why only these two and not "püü püü" and "pöö pöö"?

@luna @goat pɯɯpœœpøø

(also isn't 'ē' just often a long or emphasised 'e'? at least that's how it's used in latin textbooks)

@goat i thought it was over but it's just that i voted in it already and it's been long enough that i have no recollection of doing so

looking forward to seeing the final results in 90-whatever years

@Claire yeah but the UI doesnt let it work. It worked on "stock" mastodon with the goatstodon changes but uh glitchsoc it just doesnt? The options don't appear for some reason. I think its probably me being dumb of ass? It works via API

@Claire Yeah I thought I edited them correctly but also I am not good with computer

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