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The hellsite dot site patreon is live!

All money goes to cover server hosting costs as well as any future upgrades. Anything raised over our existing server costs + a small buffer for upgrade / backup / services, will be donated to a charity selected by our users!

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I'm a roomba with a knife attached to me and I yearn to be free

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Pee Pee VS Poo Poo

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Hacking a Roomba so it can give me blowjobs


Common room is shut, there's no where I can just fucking sit.

Straight up fuck today. I was mid work.

Library fire alarm just went off

screenreader unfriendly 

fuck meatspace, cyberspace only now

ill throw hands in the libary i dont give a shit

anxiety: UP
will to fight: RISING

some fucker didnt expect to catch my eye when he and his friends turned to look at me, like whats your beef

human speech is bullshit i can write what I mean way faster than I can say it.

when death grips said "speak in abbreviations because real life conversation moves too slow." i felt that

Can't wait till I can transcend this flesh PRISON

It's not like I wanna die, I just simply don't want to have to lug around this meat suit.

Having a physical form is so inconvenient

I wish I could like, exist but not in meatspace? ya know?

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just a reminder that eugen stole the idea for mastodon from me and should be blocked. I have the completely real and undoctored receipts right now that you can plainly tell are from the year 2016 and not 5 minutes ago

Like I get how to do it. Same with Asymmetric. I just don't know how to express that in an equation

I get how symmetric authentication works but like, the notation for it is what throws me off

Using dicewear to make up a hacker name

thats like, 4 hours of work GONEEEE

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