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Introducing to the Fediverse officially! Translatebot!

Simply @ TranslateBot in the reply to a toot with the ISO language code (en, de, fr, etc) and she will reply with the translated toot!

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Pee Pee VS Poo Poo

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no need to hack the server, just steal my wife's laptop with login creds and assume role as admin

chimps are cops and gorillas are federal agents

hacking into the server and taking it down, securing my place as best instance


I like seeing posts fly by my relay terminal window then seeing them a moment later on my time line :)

As a reminder I run the relay at

Update: The relay should work much better. Purged some sus instances. If you're status is waiting for approval, please try again now

ignore the speed limit when you drive home. all the stop lights are purple. the sky is purple. all the cars are parked on the sides of the free way. look inside and see your miis sitting there. crying. there are no cops anymore. just your wii, and its desire. drive as fast as you can

me: having a crush on sixty thousand bees is simply a necessary part of life on the federated website

me, one year ago: what

@goat like michaelangelo said, it just reveals the minty center * already within* the tooth

Toothpaste isn't minty it just reveals the unoxidised, minty tooth

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