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Since my boyfriend is a masochist, it's fine if I make him play dark souls, right?

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birthday post i forgot to make if you want to be nice to me for my birthday so i can maybe afford a new keyboard i like more (or maybe even enough to try out a new accessibility tool style of keyboard or controller that might hurt my hands less) you may. i will delete this post at the end of the month i am in no urgent need, but i am also extremely disabled and do not have the freedom of the money to allow me to do nice things for myself please don't donate unless you can actively afford to. for the duration of september i will Not Allow Myself to turn down other's kindness, for once

babe what if we were delinquents./... and we were both girls...

I'm not saying it's wrong or right but thinking about it is giving me a headache

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just saw a tiktok where someone was convinced the jewels on taylor swift's eye makeup are Morse code for how she ghostwrote another artist's song and it gave me a headache

so there's just like idk. a horrible situation around you but you're just like mm. weird good feels.

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y'all ever have like. dopamine release in the most awkward or inappropriate moments

i just think that revolver pistols with a massive kick also having a sniper scope put on them is hilarious. like imagine getting bonked in the eye by the sniper scope. that's funny, right?

so how do i get the medical compensation

what do you mean there isn't any compensation

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somehow i have logically ruined both factorio and coding for myself lately.

factorio? "i could be making a literal game of my own instead"
coding? "I could be chilling right now and playing factorio"

modded minecraft is an open ended puzzle game, a theory of computational nerdery by lillian solara eternity

showing up to the local fighting game tournament with a bunch of machinery and cardboard taped together with duct tape. atop the entire mess disaster is a literal flightstick.

oh my god it looks like in space exploration the evolution mechanics of the biters are per-planet. this fucking factorio mod is making the entire ass equivalent to alternate cooexisting seperate dimensions of the game map. HOW.

you gotta be proud of me for this, got it? this is a Huge thing like this is not common

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oh my god y'all i have achieved
- actually fought past the eating disorder to my body not feeling like it's death
- weed
- not sleep deprived

i feel heavenly rn

(this is a joke but imagine if you like showed up at a fighting game tournament with a 'slutty' gamer fightstick. what if the fightstick was signed "pet". can you even do that)

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making my sugar mommy buy me a gamer controller so i can fight game

i do not stay alive for myself, no i stay alive for Oversized Puffy Cozy Hoodie, Fresh out of the Dryer

mabinogi is the most Old Anime RPG and i love it for that


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