All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.


@sophie All code […] should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so […].

@cadence @sophie may i add to this that if you're buying something that requires you to use a particular service to access it (games on Steam, books on audible, etc), if your account is closed or terminated for any reason (bans, service closure, etc), they should be required to send you a storage device containing DRM free versions of the items you bought

@PsyChuan @cadence @sophie but did you really buy the items? or did you buy a subscription to a service that allows you to play those games and is subject to terms?

i can see why they'd like you to believe the former while it actually is the latter, because then you'd maybe put a different value on it and only be willing to pay less.

depending on which it is, you either should or shouldn't have the right to a DRM-free copy.

@irl get that boot out of your mouth and then get the fuck out of here.

@cadence @sophie this isn't viable for indies who make video games and aren't already well-off.

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