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this account is a pro-non-human space

otherkin, alterhumans, therians, you're all doing fucking awesome and I love you πŸ’–

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goat is going to murder me in my sleep for what i have done to the discord

oh no, goat is tooting, she is going to see the absolute fucking mess we've made on the Discord server, oh god oh fuck

i would love to see a website where you type in your monthly expenditure and it tells you how long jeff bezos could live your lifestyle before he runs out of money

You all bring so much joy and wonder into the world. Just by caring for those who matter to you, you make this world, so full of cold and painful things, a little more comfortable for others. You are a wonder. Thank you for shining so brightly. πŸ’œ

robot feelings +, wishful thinking 

alcohol, inebriation + 

selfie, eye contact, alcohol, boosts okay! 

uk pol - fear but also joke 

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