fuck this card only shit places are pulling. it's literally just forcing the homeless and poor out of bougie ass pret a manger and costa coffee so they don't have to deal with the riff raf and homeless.

contactless payment is done with either a debit card or a credit card 99% of the time, there are some ways you can get them with savings accounts but that's SUPER rare. what this effectively means is the homeless can't go and buy themselves a coffe while it is 12°c and feels like 6 due to windchill according to my phone right now.

"o-oh b-but corona virus transmission on money!!!!" oh fuck off. all our money is plastic fucking notes and metal coins, handle them with gloves like EVERY shop that takes cash is doing right now and disinfect it if you have to. there's literally absolutely no fucking reason to make shops card only unless you're explicitly trying to gentrify away those who can't pass a credit check or have a bank account

@CornishRepublicanArmy it really feels like they're using the pandemic as a shitty excuse to cut down the costs involved with handling cash, especially since places were pulling this well before the pandemic started.

it really sucks, and what irks me even more is TfL not allowing cash at the Oyster machines in stations. effectively locking you out of public transport if you don't have a bank card (and no, having to rely on corner shops with oyster readers isn't a viable option, come on)

@throwawaygiraffoid there's a few places that do, but like I only know 2 that I regularly use that do, plus most off licences will top up your card. I fucking hate contactless and use the tube to get to work every day so I really fucking feel this one, I shouldn't have to go out of my way when IN a station to find a place to go put money on my card

@aeonofdiscord dozens of fast food places and coffee shops are doing this. I work next to a shopping centre and easily 4/5 places is card only now

@CornishRepublicanArmy For many years, while I did have a home to live in, I was part of the "underbanked" because freelance work often leaves your monthly income amount hard to calculate, and the banks love to charge for not having direct deposit (and other stuff).

When I am stuck with the card-only situation, I think of how many people cannot benefit (and may have to go with a workaround that can really add up)

@CornishRepublicanArmy ....Honestly, if the issue is truly about COVID transmission, there are other ways to handle this. Like, outfitting your staff with gloves and hand sanitizers. Heck, if a clerk asked me to stick my cash into some sort of sterilization method, I would not be opposed.

@CornishRepublicanArmy Also, don't they think the card is being touched or??????

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