OK, and we're off for day 4 of Lucy kinda walks around London while everybody gets mad at stuff. my aim is to start at saint james park, see what's left or if anything new is there, go around to westminster abbey, then go up to trafalgar square. I heard that they are planning to take parliament square, so I'll walk through there on the way to trafalgar square, but yesterday it was fucking swarming with pigs so don't hold your hopes up for that getting occupied

plan to meet a few people today, so if I go dark for a while don't all freak out like when 10 people thought I was gonna get arrested yesterday

the global justice network are cool and good tbh. there's a big "hey guys the global south is dying for this shit" discourse here, which I love. yesterday I participated in a vigial for earth defenders, people who have died defending ecology. I'm so glad this shit isn't whitewashing the impacts and actions around the world


they're showing indigenous films and how people are combating imperialism and climate change aaaaa

there's too many cool workshops!!!! There's one on solar power

there's tents going up everywhere here, a lot of them are big ones with cool workshops and stuff

I was kinda pessimistic earlier that there would even be anything here, but its a flourishing camp with loads going on. HIGHLY considering grabbing my tent later

also a nice 'decolonise education' in the background there


a lot of people from the global south here putting a lot of amazing quotes around

ok fuck it, if this camp is here still at 6pm, I'm going home to get a tent

ok I got a little caught up in how woke the camp is here. I'll go see what the other sites are like today. there was about 3 tents outside Westminster Abbey last night, so I hope they've recovered

there is no boundary between us and this amorphous other out there which is nature. we are nature, and when nature dies we die with it

so I talked to a steward, and he told me to hurry up if I want to pitch a tent because the park is gonna be full soon. there's tents going up everywhere and loads of other groups from around the country are arriving

Westminster Abbey is open : /. not a tent in sight, damn....

it's so refreshing that I can walk all the way from saint james park to Trafalgar square and not have to see a single fucking car once. everywhere has been shut down

there's an ecological imam outside the national gallery. he's a cool guy from what I've been listening

see this is the thing, I wanna put up a tent, but I also wanna walk around the diffrent camps and don't want my shit to be gone when I get here

the police seem to have fucked off, but I wouls say, things aren't tbe MOST stable in the world.

Trafalgar square has an absolute christ load of pigs right on the doorstep with about 15 vans

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@CornishRepublicanArmy did you ask anyone in a bigger tent if you can crash in there? because if so you can focus on securing other folks' tents

@GreenandBlack ok, but consider, would you have the self confidence to do that?

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@anarchiv actually there's already been a few. there was a gender workshop earlier and loads of woke shit people are going to

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