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although many tents are gone, a lot still stand and no roads are open to traffic despite all police efforts

fucking bastards, I spent ages helping put those up on monday

at least the science bois are still here. love those guys

I don't even know what camps are left. Westminster Abbey seemed ok, but that was 4 hours ago, 2 hours ago saint james park seemed about to fall so I moved, home office camp was due to march out at lunch time to idk where but I haven't seen them? maybe they haven't left yet? Trafalgar camp is damaged but stands for the mean time

all I can hopw is these raids amount to some radicalisation. libs used to applause the cops, then they'd just chat to the blue vests, now they're getting mad. they can see the voilence the state intends to employ to stamp XR out, and that everybody who reasons with the police gets nowhere. people haven't given up, I can only hope this leads to a harder fight in the coming days. the rebellion isn't due to end, *eye roll* I know..., until the 19th and I think they intend to be here in some capacity every day

police have all the tents here, people are trying to ask nicely for them back -_-

pigs are allowing access to tents and contents within. but I doubt they'll just let the camp be set back up again

ok, so they're letting people empty the tents and get their shit, but a van is coming to take every confiscated tent until after the protests


protesters have started chanting "who's tents? OUR TENTS!" at the pigs guarding the tents

I FEEL CONFLICTED. the climate change deniers gendered me as ma'am.... but they're bastards killing millions with their anti science bollocks

I just realised... I haven't seen ONE copy of the socialist worker in all 3 days. THAT'S why these actions have energy, the fucking swappers aren't here

for some context, the SWP are trotskyists who just drain the life from everything, as trots often do

3 vans, all went from behind the national gallery around Trafalgar square and off towards Leicester square. they're gone

the space in front of the national gallery is just full of art, everywhere you look. every wall, paving tile, statue, there's a piece of art. all of it os respected and adored. this is what happens when people own the streets, we make them into our own, into a place full of art crying for change and solidarity

they're choreographers dancing in a very elaborate routine to singing in the raib sung by just some guy


this is from yesterday, the symbolism is a little... heavy handed I'll grant you

we're all just dancing, making art, enjoying ourselves. ain't no stoppin us now is blasting. there's a genuinely great atmosphere

'Lucy gets sentimental about mass political action'



we're also carrying the names of over 200 dead activists from the global south. remember climate change disproportionately affects developing nations and that many there who take action die for it. this is a class issue, an imperialism issue as much as it is other things

all of these activists died protecting forests from all over the global south

we got cute smol tea candles too. they're absolutely going to blow out in the wind before we reach parliament square, it's windy as shit

the energy has SWELLED, I'm so surprised they've kept fighting after all the police action today. maybe.... maybe the libs do care about trying

we marched and lay down in Parliament street. I was in the march so didn't get pics, but I'm sure you can find some!

I had this guy. I'm genuinely interested in finding who he was and what he was fighting for

we tried to make a candle display for them, the wind was... less than co-operative

westminster abbey holds, but there's about 3 tents and they're surrounded by cops. they're singing this land is your land

ok NOW I'm going home for reals. love y'all and I'll be here every day

@GreenandBlack ok sure I love them all but like I LOVE you ❀❀❀

@CornishRepublicanArmy okay but once you're back make sure to get your rests and I love you and you're amazing and the best and I love you and good job Lulu :blobbunheart:​

@aCuteLittleBox but Lucy is lacking the one important thing she needs.... snuggles

@CornishRepublicanArmy *tries to push herself into her laptop so she can email herself to Lulu for snuggles*

@CornishRepublicanArmy I did some research for you since you're busy doing something more important than me.
"Noel Castillo Aguilar was a member of the Committee for the Defence of Indigenous Peoples (ComitΓ© de Defensa de los Pueblos IndΓ­genas - CODEDI), an organization promoting the rights of indigenous communities to land, autonomy and self-determination, with a particular focus on the defence of human rights violations produced by hydroelectric and mining projects in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. He worked to protect the beaches and the communal and land rights of the community of Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca."

@CornishRepublicanArmy Yes! One of the things that we are frustrated with in South Africa is that many people think that climate change is a first-world problem, even though we contribute *a lot* to it, as well as emissions and pollution also having short-term impacts (e.g causing lung diseases in Mpumalanga). Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle because there are so many problems here and people only really come out for the short term ones, like the gender-based violence protests.

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