@CornishRepublicanArmy tbf to them they've really radicalized since the days of lying to peoples' faces about cop tactics

@GreenandBlack @CornishRepublicanArmy the local chapters are sort of okay when they don't do what the central organization says, and scotland has a history of not following centralised orders

@GreenandBlack here at thw camp everything feels so much more horizontal. all decisions are being made via telegram, food is made and given out communally funded by donations in a each according to their means system, the police are being glared at where before they'd have nice chats

@CornishRepublicanArmy XR Scotland last year: "Tell us if you want to be arrested, don't worry about the police, they don't arrest children and are very not racist, we love the police"

XR Scotland now: "yeah uh... Don't talk to the blue vests... I know we've spent so much time with them that we know them on first name bases but.... yeah don't talk to them"

@CornishRepublicanArmy I'm glad they learnt from it but it was fucking exhausting to be apart of that shite when they didn't know better

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