fash are supposed to be rallying in Westminster today, and I have no heard a lot of calls to action to oppose them. I'm going down there later when it kicks off, but I'm worried about low turnout. an antifa bloc can't be built by people trickling in, stuff needs to be organised beforehand. the problem we're facing is big time burnout from the recent massive protest cycle, protests have been called *daily* for a solid week and a half since the announcement of prorougation and it's draining peoples spoons and resources to commit


btw if you are in London, it seems like we could REALLY use the bodies today to counter the fash. they're going to be in Westminster at 12, unsure of numbers on either side but a few masto folks are gonna be there including me

counteracting fascists when they take to the streets is far far more important than the constant cycle of anti Boris pro EU marches. bourgeois politics will do as it does and a fringe leftist presence isn't going to turn these into The Revolution™️ . the liberals won't fight fascists off our streets, we HAVE to. we cannot allow them a public platform for their hate, we cannot allow them to feel safe and as thought they can exert influence without being fought down and we cannot allow these fascist groups to have a public campaign in such a volatile time.

no pasaran isn't just a slogan, it means not allowing them to pass because that would further the ground the fascists occupy materially and politically.

I understand not everybody can get out to every action, but like we REALLY need people to get out when they can because the fascists are coming for people like me, and many of the people who make up these more leftist spaces IRL and online. apathy in the face of fascism is too dangerous a ball game to play

@CornishRepublicanArmy good luck! FWIW more people might to turn up if the strategy is to mock them. In #Aotearoa one anti-fash action had everyone dress in fairy costumes and bombard the boneheads with glitter 'fairy dust', in attempt to 'break the evil curse afflicting.them and transform them back into humans'. It was fun (for everyone but the fash) and inclusive, and the news media couldn't run the 'violent extremists clash' narrative that alt-right PR feeds off to gain sympathy.

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