the more I learn about Australia the more I realise just how shitty the place is. it's like if Britain and America had a baby, and that baby HATED the environment

@CornishRepublicanArmy and mixed in with that Canadian style hatred and ignoring of indigenous peoples

@bewitchyourmind pffff, Canada didn't even use their own country as a nuclear testing site, and then tell native peoples it was ok to return to that irradiated area, giving them all huge doses of radiation. Canada WISHES it hated it's indigenous people as much as Australia. Australia had to have a national vote if indigenous people were even people, 10% voted no

@CornishRepublicanArmy hey at least we're finally making it illegal to climb uluru

we announced a cut-off date and now everyone's racing to get there and climb it before it's outlawed

@lynnesbian woah, they're going to finally stop letting white people desecrate an indigenous peoples spiritual and cultural landmark. That's nice

@CornishRepublicanArmy our two redeeming features are: 1. I’m not worried about getting shot (a friend of mine was nearly single-handedly responsible for the post-Port Arthur gun ban actually, but that’s a different story).
2. We have had such a weak left wing of politics that a far right never bothered to get going because there wasn’t enough to polarise people against. So most people are middling bigots, as opposed to a contingent of lesser bigots and some ultrabigots.

@sophistoche you guys got that whole thing with 'boat people', and an entire island dedicated to imprisoning immigrants. idk about "middling bigots"

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